Small Business Computer Support

IT and Network Support

Many small businesses do not have the resources to employ specialist IT staff. But they still have the same problems and support requirements as larger firms. We aim to help fill the gap between the staff you have and the support you need. In the current economic climate, why burden yourself with tax red-tape and extra NI payments, when Vendetta Business & Technical Services Limited can provide the service you need?

Network support

Let us provide support to your computer network on a weekly, monthly or ad-hoc basis. We will:

  • Add, remove or change user accounts
  • Set up backup and show you how to use it
  • Configure Windows PCs to access a Windows server
  • Set up network attached storage
  • Create shared directories and configure access permissions
  • Add network printers
  • Monitor your servers' status (on contract only)
  • Troubleshoot network problems
  • Configure your Internet Router for VPN or remote access

PC support

  • Add, remove or change user accounts
  • Set up Windows PCs
  • Carry out virus and spyware removal
  • Troubleshoot Internet connection problems
  • Add printers

We are quite happy to work on an ad-hoc basis, so no need to commit to a long contract.