What We Do

As a small business ourselves, Vendetta Business & Technical Services Limited know how important it is to have computer systems you can rely on, so that you can get on and run your business.

We understand the impact that a computer or Internet connection failure can have on your business. It's in our interests to keep our customers haapy and their computers running efficiently.

We want to give our customers what's best for their businesses, so we are not tied to a single supplier or solution. We offer friendly, local service at reasonable prices. In most cases, advice is free and without obligation.

Computer and IT Support

We provide computer and network administration for small business. Can't afford dedicated IT staff? Try our part-time computer support and administration service for small businesses.

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Installation and Upgrades

Computer rollouts, installations and software upgrades. Whether you need a new network or are just moving office, our experienced engineers will help your installation go without a hitch.

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Computer cleaning and valeting

New research shows the average office workstation harbours more germs than a toilet seat. Let us clean your dirty computers, telephones and electronic office equipment so they look brand new again and help you maintain the professional image of your company.

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Business documents and templates

Don't struggle with business forms or presentations. We create templates for forms and standard business documents, such as invoices and letterheads, on plain paper or striking professionally pre-printed stationery. We also type letters, catalogues, brochures, articles and dissertations.

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Technical Writing

Let our authors produce manuals, procedure guides and technical documents to your specifications.

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Proofreading and Copy Editing

We provide proofreading and copy editing services for books, student dissertations, articles and online content.

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Let us run your IT, while you run your business.