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  • VTC Online University. Access online courses on over a hundred popular applications from Adobe Acrobat to XML for a small monthly subscription. You can try any course before you decide to buy.

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Adobe Acrobat XI

In this VTC Adobe Acrobat XI course, you'll be introduced to the latest version of Acrobat and become proficient in handling PDF documents. Author and expert Geoff Blake will teach you to work efficiently within Acrobat by showing you how to customize the interface to suit your needs. He will not only show you how to navigate the tools and panels with ease, he will also demonstrate how to manage pages and files, remove and replace pages, and extract different types of content. Then you will learn how to apply security to your PDFs to protect their contents. Finally, you will discover how to make use of commenting and annotation tools, and how to efficiently manage, import, and export annotation. All this and more awaits in Adobe Acrobat XI! To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links >.
Course Overview
About Acrobat & the PDF File Format
Getting Around Inside Acrobat
Navigating within Files
  • Adjusting Magnification pt. 1
  • Adjusting Magnification pt. 2
  • Navigating within PDFs
  • Using Previous and Next View
  • Navigating More Efficiently
  • Understanding Page Display
  • Navigating with the Pages Pane
  • Using Reading Mode
  • Splitting the View
  • Grid / Guides / Rulers
  • Viewing Document Properties
Moving / Extracting / Deleting Pages
  • Inserting Pages
  • Deleting Pages
  • Rotating the View
  • Saving Rotated Pages
  • Replacing Pages
  • Undoing Changes with Revert
  • Extracting Pages
  • Using the Split Document Command
  • Reordering with the Pages Panel
Headers / Footers / Watermarks / Numbering
  • Adding a Header & Footer to a PDF
  • Editing Headers & Footers
  • Removing Headers & Footers
  • Inserting a Watermark
  • Editing & Removing Watermarks
  • Backgrounds vs Watermarks
  • Numbering Pages
Reducing PDF File Size
  • Using the Reduce File Size Command
  • Using the PDF Optimizer
Adding Security to PDFs
  • Applying Open and Permissions Passwords
  • Testing Your Applied Security
  • Removing Security from Your Files
Extracting Content from PDFs
  • Copying Text from PDFs
  • Copying Graphics
  • Using the Snapshot Tool
  • Converting PDFs to Word
  • Saving PDFs into Text Formats
  • Saving PDFs into Image Formats
  • Saving Individual Images
  • Exporting All Images
  • Editing Text
  • Editing Images in PDFs
Building Navigational Bookmarks
  • How Bookmarks Work in Acrobat
  • Creating Bookmarks
  • Adjusting the Destination of a Bookmark
  • Deleting & Renaming Bookmarks
  • Sorting & Creating Nested Bookmarks
  • Automatically Opening the Bookmarks
  • Creating Bookmarks from Structure pt. 1
  • Creating Bookmarks from Structure pt. 2
  • Generating Bookmarks Automatically
  • Interactive Bookmark Functions pt. 1
  • Interactive Bookmark Functions pt. 2
  • Interactive Bookmark Functions pt. 3
  • Creating a Bookmark to Send Email
Creating Hyperlinks within PDFs
  • Introducing Hyperlinks
  • Creating an Initial Hyperlink
  • Using Links to Open Files
  • Creating Navigation Links pt. 1
  • Creating Navigation Links pt. 2
  • Additional Hyperlink Ideas
Using the Commenting Tools in Acrobat
  • Using the Sticky Note Tool pt. 1
  • Using the Sticky Note Tool pt. 2
  • Using the Insert Text Tool
  • Using the Highlighter Tool
  • Additional Annotation Tools
  • Using the Stamp Tool
  • Using the Drawing Markup Tools
  • Managing Comments in the Comments List
  • Exporting Comments for Other Users
  • Importing Comments
  • Summarizing Comments
  • Course Wrap Up
  • About the Author