Just-in-Time: One-to-One Training

Just-in-Time Training for Problem Solving

If you have only one or two people to train, or need to work on a business problem immediately, book a one-to-one problem-solving session. Just-in-time personal training sessions are ideal for individuals who want to learn about computers in the comfort of their own homes with the support of an experienced trainer.

You can book Just-in-Time computer training courses frm Vendetta Business & Technical Services Limited in any location in Tyne & Wear, Co Durham and surrounding areas inside and outside normal office hours.

How does it work?

With this type of training, an instructor works with a person to solve an actual business problem. For example, an instructor might help a clerical assistant prepare a marketing mail-shot using Microsoft Word and Microsoft Access. Using this method, you can see an immediate return on your training investment— not only does the staff member learn new skills, but also completes a necessary business task under the guidance of a skilled instructor.

During a session, we aim to provide coaching in active learning and problem-solving techniques as well as problem-specific skills to help the student work more productively in the future.


Prices start from £45 for an hour's session, but we can arrange discounts for individuals who want training at home. Please contact us to discuss your exact requirements. Advice is free.