Computer Installation

Computer and Software Installation

Vendetta Business & Technical Services Limited can supply experienced engineers to install or upgrade hardware or software at your site either during or outside working hours. We recommend Dell PCs and servers for business because of their build quality and support packages.

Our engineers will:

  • Install Windows server or Small Business Server
  • Install currently supported versions of Windows
  • Install Microsoft Office
  • Install programs, such as QuickBooks
  • Add or replace PC memory
  • Add or replace a PC hard drive
  • Install a PC network card
  • Install a laser or inkjet printer

We also install ADSL and cable routers, wireless (wi-fi) networks, hubs and switches.

Internet and email

We can help you to:

  • Arrange an Internet connection for your office and configure your PCs to use it.
  • Register your own domain name and create a Web site.
  • Set up email for your company, using Microsoft Office 365 or a similar product.

Office moves and rollouts

We can help you to plan your move and assist you on the day, by arranging to pack up PCs and printers ready for removal and by getting them connected, in the right locations, at your destination.

If you need engineers for a large scale rollout or deployment, we can supply Microsoft Certified engineers with experience in industrial and office environments.

Please contact us to discuss your exact requirements.