Computer Cleaning and Valeting

Professional PC cleaning, valeting and sanitizing available to businesses on Tyneside and Wearside in the North East of England.

Why Clean Your Electronic Office Equipment?

Enhance the professional image of your business. Take a look at your office equipment. If YOU can see that it's dirty, so can your customers.

Reduce sick time taken by your staff. Your computer keyboard or phone may be making you ill. Many common bugs are transferred by casual contact with keyboards, mice and phones.

Raise staff morale. It's so much nicer to use a smart, clean PC. Happy staff tend to work harder.

Increase productivity. It's easier to get productive work done when you don't have to peer at a monitor covered in fingermarks, fight with a sticking keyboard or use a dirty mouse that just won't steer.

Help to extend the life of your computer equipment. People treat new, or what appear to be new computers, better. Removing dust and dirt can help to guard against system failure.

Vendetta Business & Technical Services Limited offer fast, proficient service by trained PC cleaning technicians. We can clean during working hours with little disruption to your office, or after hours if you prefer. Cleaning a workstation with a computer system (monitor, keyboard and mouse) takes about 20 minutes. We don't use any noisy equipment. We use special, safe cleaners with low electrical conductivity that won't damage you or your equipment. We won't tear your office apart. Your customers may not even notice us.

Our technicians can clean:

  • PCs, laptops and terminals
  • Keyboard, mouse or trackball
  • Printers, fax machines, copiers and scanners
  • Telephones, switchboards and mobile phones
  • ATMs
  • Cash registers, ePOS terminals and tills
  • Hand-held devices, calculators and remote controls

Prices start at just £12 for a complete PC and £10 for a printer.

Remember, dirty equipment isn't just an eyesore, it's unhealthy too.

So what do you get for your money?

Our Standard Clean:
PC example

  • All sides of the keyboard, including underneath, and remove dust, staples, paper clips and dirt from between the keys
  • Mouse - inside and out
  • Dirt removed from visible, accessible cables
  • Monitor screen
  • All accessible areas of PC case - ink marks, old labels etc removed*
  • All accessible areas of monitor case - ink marks, old labels etc removed*

    * Some marks cannot be removed without damaging the casing.

Prices start at just £12 for a complete PC and £10 for a printer. We can also add special anti-bacterial treatment to all the "human touch" surfaces for extra protection. You don't have to sign up to a regular contract, but there is a minumum charge of £35.

Our Quick Clean:
PC example

  • Top of the keyboard - remove dust, dirt and most debris from between the keys
  • Exterior of mouse
  • Accessible areas of PC case
  • Accessible areas of monitor case
  • Monitor screen

This is the type of service that many companies offer as standard.
Quick clean is only available on three or six-monthly contract (with a minimum contract length of 12 months), and we advise you to book a standard clean the first time you have your office equipement cleaned. Prices start at just £8.50 a PC or printer.